One moose, two meese?


Foolishness of the day

What was Captain Hook's name before his accident?
Captain Hand !!!



Today I had to go to the doctor. I have a sore throat, and an interesting dream-inducing fever, and because of it I've missed work.
In these times of pandemia, a trip to the doctor is somewhat strange.
When I got there, I was asked if I had fever (check), if I coughed (no), then told to go sit and wait. Of course, after a few boring seconds, I started to cough piteously, and got up to ask for a mask.
I couldn't really breathe with it, and it triggered an asthma attack, so that I looked and sounded like the worse-off patient in the waiting room. Everyone was giving me a wide disgusted berth. I also was the only one with a mask, which contributed greatly to this ostracism.
After a while, I saw the people coming out of the doctor's office, with masks. It was my turn, so I went in.
Typically, the temperature check gave nothing unusual, and made certain I did not have the dreaded disease. He actually commended me on my wearing a mask, as all of the people before me had not worn one, and all had the flu! I have a mere sore throat, and nothing to worry (too much) about.
Yeah right…

I'm sick

It's not THE flu, but I need to find a doctor, as mine is currently in the Western USA, cruising on a Harley… I'm jealous.


Vélib's are evil

This morning, it was a beautiful autumn day. I was waiting for my bus, and looking around. Everyone was smiling.
I watched a guy pedaling joyously toward me, on a Velib’. He had a big happy grin, that wavered suddenly when the bike started to lurch uncontrollably across the whole street. Horrified, I watched helplessly as the guy was fighting for control and the cars were desperately avoiding him
Luckily, he reached the opposite pavement, and jumped off the accursed machine. Shaken, I asked him if he was OK, he was. Then I saw him reaching for the saddle, pulling it up. The saddle actually lowered itself during the ride, causing that spectacular loss of control.
Velib's are evil, and they want to kill you!



I'm going to do something that supposedly true Parisians think is “touristy” :
A day cruise on a Bateau Mouche


I'm not sure that…

I want shops to be opened on Sunday in France.
Honestly, I'd rather have a shopping-free day!


My life (...) in ABC

At the very least the part I agree to share…
A is for age:
B is for booze of choice:
- Champagne Veuve Cliquot, Canadian Gin (more flavourful) with 7Up
C is for career:
- Not an issue here, although I always pretend that it’s utterly important during interviews, of course!
D is for your last dentist appointment:
- January, and I cancelled
E is for essential items you use everyday:
- iPod, computer, toothbrush, Navigo pass, book, DS, soap, perfume, bed
F is for favorite song at the moment:
- Glasvegas’ Geraldine
G is for favorite games:
- Meteos / AoE III/ Picross DS
H is for hometown:
- Parisian born, brought up in Beauce
I is for instruments you play:
- Used to play piano
J is for Jam flavor on your PBJ:
- Orange, or gooseberry or anything, more likely I won’t put any
K is for kids you last saw:
- Capucine, my friends’ daughter: cute and theatrical
L is for last kiss:
- *shame* a year ago, while leaving Ireland
M is for fondest memory:
- I think it involves a new kitten
N is for name of your crush:
- Changes all the time
O is for overnight hospital stays:
- Not that much, last one when I was 20, and learning the hard way that knees don’t bear well being crushed between a motorcycle and a tree stump
P is for phobia:
- Crowds
Q is for favorite Quote:
- “Trying to brainstorm, but the forecast is clear and sunny”
- “C’est pas faux”
- “As if!”
R is for biggest regrets:
- Getting married
S is for status:
- Quo
T is for time you wake up:
- 6pm
U is for underwear type:
- Anything I like and enjoy wearing (not sure this is REALLY important)
V is for vegetable you love:
- Spinach!!! I wolf it down raw or cooked!
W is for worst habit:
- Procrastinating
X is for X-ray you've had:
- Knee
- Ankles
Y is for yummy food you make:
- Killer Chocolate cake
- Tapenade
- Assortment of various stews & soups
- Tiramisu, regular and raspberry
Z is for last Zoo visited:
- “Les Félins d’Auneau”



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Eyeing food hopefully…


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