Today I had to go to the doctor. I have a sore throat, and an interesting dream-inducing fever, and because of it I've missed work.
In these times of pandemia, a trip to the doctor is somewhat strange.
When I got there, I was asked if I had fever (check), if I coughed (no), then told to go sit and wait. Of course, after a few boring seconds, I started to cough piteously, and got up to ask for a mask.
I couldn't really breathe with it, and it triggered an asthma attack, so that I looked and sounded like the worse-off patient in the waiting room. Everyone was giving me a wide disgusted berth. I also was the only one with a mask, which contributed greatly to this ostracism.
After a while, I saw the people coming out of the doctor's office, with masks. It was my turn, so I went in.
Typically, the temperature check gave nothing unusual, and made certain I did not have the dreaded disease. He actually commended me on my wearing a mask, as all of the people before me had not worn one, and all had the flu! I have a mere sore throat, and nothing to worry (too much) about.
Yeah right…

I'm sick

It's not THE flu, but I need to find a doctor, as mine is currently in the Western USA, cruising on a Harley… I'm jealous.