My life (...) in ABC

At the very least the part I agree to share…
A is for age:
B is for booze of choice:
- Champagne Veuve Cliquot, Canadian Gin (more flavourful) with 7Up
C is for career:
- Not an issue here, although I always pretend that it’s utterly important during interviews, of course!
D is for your last dentist appointment:
- January, and I cancelled
E is for essential items you use everyday:
- iPod, computer, toothbrush, Navigo pass, book, DS, soap, perfume, bed
F is for favorite song at the moment:
- Glasvegas’ Geraldine
G is for favorite games:
- Meteos / AoE III/ Picross DS
H is for hometown:
- Parisian born, brought up in Beauce
I is for instruments you play:
- Used to play piano
J is for Jam flavor on your PBJ:
- Orange, or gooseberry or anything, more likely I won’t put any
K is for kids you last saw:
- Capucine, my friends’ daughter: cute and theatrical
L is for last kiss:
- *shame* a year ago, while leaving Ireland
M is for fondest memory:
- I think it involves a new kitten
N is for name of your crush:
- Changes all the time
O is for overnight hospital stays:
- Not that much, last one when I was 20, and learning the hard way that knees don’t bear well being crushed between a motorcycle and a tree stump
P is for phobia:
- Crowds
Q is for favorite Quote:
- “Trying to brainstorm, but the forecast is clear and sunny”
- “C’est pas faux”
- “As if!”
R is for biggest regrets:
- Getting married
S is for status:
- Quo
T is for time you wake up:
- 6pm
U is for underwear type:
- Anything I like and enjoy wearing (not sure this is REALLY important)
V is for vegetable you love:
- Spinach!!! I wolf it down raw or cooked!
W is for worst habit:
- Procrastinating
X is for X-ray you've had:
- Knee
- Ankles
Y is for yummy food you make:
- Killer Chocolate cake
- Tapenade
- Assortment of various stews & soups
- Tiramisu, regular and raspberry
Z is for last Zoo visited:
- “Les FĂ©lins d’Auneau”